We provide global payroll solutions for companies to compete in a borderless world

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Trust is our currency. Our proven expertise ensures reliable payroll solutions, empowering your business with confidence.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver advanced payroll and HR management solutions that streamline global workforce administration. Committed to excellence and strict regulatory compliance, we enable clients to focus on business growth while we efficiently manage their personnel requirements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in payroll and HR management, known for innovative solutions that streamline international workforce management. We aim for exceptional customer service, advanced technology, compliance, and a commitment to efficient, sustainable global HR management.

Our team

Meet our exceptional team—a dedicated group of professionals committed to driving success, with diverse expertise and a passion for excellence.

Andrés Rojas

Andrés Rojas


He leads an international network of accounting and law firms that provides outsourcing and consulting solutions to businesses across the globe.

Paola Reyes

Paola Reyes


She is dedicated to steering the company towards new heights by combining strategic vision, innovation, collaboration and a relentless commitment to client success, her vision is what every company needs to become great.

Alejandro rios

Alejandro rios

Managing Director

He leads the development of innovative strategies to optimize operational efficiency and foster sustainable growth. With expertise in strategic analysis.

Gabriela Soares

Gabriela Soares

Global Commercial Manager and Partnerships

Proactively forge partnerships, foster collaborations, and manage global client agreements, ensuring exceptional global client service and project success.

Juan Motato

Juan Motato

Operations Manager

Oversees end-to-end payroll processes, from hiring to employee payment, ensuring efficiency and compliance at every stage.

Lina Quevedo

Lina Quevedo

Global HR Manager

Shapes organizational structure, policies, procedures, and global workforce assessments. Cultivates a positive work environment, strategically resolving customer issues to boost both employee satisfaction and business success.

Ahizar Baquero

Ahizar Baquero

Legal Manager

He is an attorney specializing in labor law with vast experience in the national and international fields.

Denica Mendez

Denica Mendez

Financial Manager

Shapes financial strategy, manages budgets, and ensures policy compliance for a resilient financial foundation, supporting organizational success.

Valeria Manrique

Valeria Manrique

Marketing manager

Drives internal and external communications, strategically manages and promotes the corporate image.

Jonathan Calle

Jonathan Calle

IT Solutions Architect

Tasked with conceptualizing solutions for systems, integrations, and the implementation of new technologies, leading efficient design and innovative adoption in IT environments.

Valentina Arias

Valentina Arias

Temporades HR Manager

Fosters employee well-being by creating environments that promote mental health during the workday. Additionally, plays a crucial role in selection and recruitment processes, ensuring the building of strong teams.

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Our offices

From Earth to the moon and Mars, our global footprint knows no bounds. We bring unparalleled expertise and support to every corner of the universe.


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