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Andrés rojas: “we have managed to show that latino dna can expand worldwide

The CEO of GCE Global Solutions placed the Colombian company among the most outstanding in its field internationally.

GCE Global Solutions opened its GCE XPERTS podcast space by interviewing Andrés Rojas, founder and CEO of the company that has innovation and trust as the main tools to be among the best in the world.

En este estreno, el máster en Comercio Internacional nos cuenta la historia de la empresa desde sus inicios hace más de 20 años y su adaptación a las necesidades y deseos de los clientes, así como la constante actualización de sus servicios, brindados gracias a los cambios. en las herramientas tecnológicas. .

Today, GCE Global Solutions is among the 100 largest networks of accountants and lawyers worldwide. In addition, they have a network of 450 country partners with information from more than 216 countries worldwide. This did not happen on its own. Andrés Rojas had a lot to do with it.

It all started in Colombia in 2001. At that time, Andrés, with his team and partners, founded a collections outsourcing company. They were creating their networks of lawyers until they had a national scope. To this, they added innovation: “We began to enter technology so that customers are served in the best way.” By 2019, with a tremendous international reach and providing more and better services, they managed to enter the ranking of global firms for their networks of accountants and lawyers. They had more excellent added value and were showing the full potential of their DNA.

When Andrés is asked what exactly they do, he has a reasonably technical definition: comprehensive business management outsourcing. “We are a global solutions company”, he explains later. “We facilitate the processes for companies to focus on their core business”, he adds, detailing that they can offer payroll management with human resources, accounting and financing management.

Two points have been and are critical to the development and growth of the company: innovation and trust. “We are working on digital transformation all the time. We have access to a lot of data, and we develop artificial intelligence processes on it to help professionals make decisions”, he says about the first point. “Inside the network, we have a code of ethics and computer controls. That gives us credibility”, he complements the second.

The times of pandemic were times of crisis. Still, with them, there were also opportunities for innovators like Andrés: “Many of the companies worldwide needed to hire people who were geolocated somewhere in the world, and we managed to create that parent company in charge of all the PEO processes regardless of the country in which they are located.”

And that’s not all. Andrés Rojas and CGE Global Solutions continue to innovate. In the GCE XPERTS podcast, the CEO mentions examples of what they have been working on. Developing a global payroll calculator and legal solutions software in-house are just two examples. Without a doubt, they want to continue demonstrating that “Latin DNA can expand worldwide.”