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Change in working hours in Colombia

In Colombia, one of the most significant changes in 2023 is that as of July 15 of this year, the working day in Colombia will be reduced according to the application of law 2101 of 2021, which aims not to affect the acquired rights and guarantees of workers; here will tell you what are the most important points to keep in mind.

How much will it be reduced?

Colombian workers will go from working 48 hours a week to 47, and it is expected to reach 46 hours a week by July 15, 2024.

What will the gradual reduction of working hours be like?

The Congress of the Republic states that:

As of July 15, 2023, the number of hours worked will be 47 per week.

By July 15, 2024, the maximum number of hours worked will be 46 per week.

As of July 15, 2025, the reduction in hours worked will be 44 per week.

It is expected that by July 15, 2026, workers will be able to work a maximum of 42 hours per week.

And in accordance with Law 2101, article 4. The employer must respect all the norms and principles that protect the worker; The reduction of the working day shall not imply the reduction of the salary or benefit remuneration, nor the value of the ordinary working hour, nor shall it exonerate the workers from their obligations.


Benefits of reducing working hours

  • Improved well-being at work
  • talent retention
  • Reduced absenteeism


Disadvantages of reducing working hours

  • Productivity and competitiveness could be affected.
  • The employees’ bond with the company would be affected.
  • Work culture would be at risk

Even so, with 44 working hours per week, Colombia is still one of the countries with the longest working hours in the world, according to a comparison of the OECD Germany with 1,322 hours per year, United Kingdom with 1,367 and France with 1,402 are the countries with fewer working hours, being below the average of 1,687 hours per year according to the OECD. However, it is these small changes that allow employees to achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives, which within the company benefits employees by making them feel motivated and as a result more productive.

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