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Gabriela soares: “happy employees make happy customers.”

The Business Development Specialist is from Brazil and has a lot of international experience in the continent.

GCE Xperts published a new chapter of our podcast. In this case, the interviewee was Gabriela Soares, Industrial Engineer with specializations in Project Management, Business Development and Sales. She talked about hiring abroad and how artificial intelligence can help us to do it.

First, hiring abroad can bring a lot of advantages; nevertheless, there are some difficulties to consider, and Gabriela knows it. She mentions, for example, the language barriers, especially in English, where there are different accents and senses of humour, and there can be a lot of misunderstandings. Cultural differences are also significant when you try to build a labour relationship. So, she recommends checking the previous experience and making contracts in local languages.

Apart from that, we have a vital ally in this process: technology, specifically artificial intelligence. “It is imperative because it helps the company to save time and money,” she said. With these tools that you can find in the market for all sizes of companies, you have more information to make a better decision. The more you know about the process, position, benefits and rights, the better it is for both of you.

That brings us to the next step. The hiring company must have the hiring process in the best state, but how to be the candidate or the eventual worker? Gabriela listed vital characteristics. Critical thinking, adaptability, emotional intelligence, management, and leadership are the main factors to evaluate. The worker has “to change fast because the world is always changing,” pondered the engineer.

Finally, we must think about labour relationships. In our previous podcast, Leonardo Muñoz talked about the employees and the prestige of a company. Values are the key to development. That’s why Gabriela speaks about giving benefits and assessing the employee. “Happy employees make happy customers,” she assured.