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Ingrid Payroll Calculator: the tool for saving money and time

In this new blog from GCE Xperts, we are glad to present the Ingrid Payroll Calculator. The leader of the project Karl Buitrago told us how was the process and how this tool can save money and time.

GCE offers different solutions for its clients. In our services, you can find Employer of Record (EOR), Recruit Process Outsourcing (RPO), Business Payroll Process Outsourcing (BPPO) and Global Payroll Compliance (GPC). But, that’s not all. Augmented Intelligence Unity is always working in innovation. Now, we have our new tool development: Ingrid Payroll Calculator. Karl Buitrago, the leader of the project, explain to us what is about.

“Ingrid is the result of the combination of two words: Intelligent Grid and arose from the growing trend of the use of virtual assistants, cases such as Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana or Apple’s Siri were a source of inspiration to bring iNgRID to life”, started the economist.

“Ingrid is a system of computer tools linked together based on artificial and human intelligence where massive data management together with the professional experience of our clients and employees greatly enhance the achievement of objectives and the creation of assistance and business outsourcing solutions”, said later the leader.

Ingrid Payroll Calculator’s development

One of these tools is the Ingrid Payroll Calculator. “The GCE payroll buyers have been growing in demand for speedy and very Precise services special for international hiring. That demand pushed us to look for a solution”. With this focus,

Karl and his team began the work. “At the beginning, there are always few financial resources available”, Karl confessed. That’s why the project itself has to discover a greater probability of success and this should generate greater resources to continue carrying it out.

Speaking especially about the process, the project leader said: “We choose to use non-code solutions that maximize the use of resources, prioritize the practical knowledge of any art over the knowledge of programming language or technical requirements of software engineering”. “This allowed us to involve payroll and labor law specialists in the development team, building the model under our guidance”, continued.

“The important thing in any development is to have good planning and DATA”, continued Buitrago. “Once this planning was clear, we put together a multidisciplinary team with lawyers, political scientists, economists, and communicators, among other disciplines, with only two professionals linked to the technological world”, added.

The base, following the specialist, is in three pillars: 

  • 1. Strong leadership focused on directing, training and motivating the team.
  • 2. A culture of rigorous experimentation where the error was a normal part of the solution; and 
  • 3. An effective division of objectives, with one group responsible for design and construction, another for research, evaluation and correction of results, and another for team management and training.

Thinking about challenges, Karl explained that the biggest challenge overcame was psychological because, for most of the team, it was the first time they were integrated into a software development project. That’s the explanation of where was his great investment. “Our biggest investment was in people”, assure the leader. Teaching how to use no-code tools was a key moment of the process.

Ingrid Payroll Calculator for users

After more than seven months, GCE payroll advisers present Ingrid Payroll Calculator. This tool will save money and time for our users. Another advantage of this is that is able to everybody. You don’t have to know about technology or laws to have the benefits of this software. “The hard work is done”, Karl assured.

“The payroll calculator is right now able to make estimated calculations for your payment and international hiring in more than 231 countries and with more than 200 currencies”, explained the economist. The information that you get is verified and constantly updated.

“In only three steps and less than a minute, you get your quotations in your hands”, Karl detailed. It is very intuitive and reliable. Everybody can use it, but “is useful for example, for human Resources departments to investigate the legislation around the world”. After that, you’re gonna receive an email with a copy of your estimations for future consultation.

Obviously, GCE Augmented Intelligence is still working on improving the calculator and other projects. Karl confessed to us that they are working in Chat GCE, which can resolve technical and special questions about payroll. So, as we see, innovation es always in the horizont from Karl and his team. AI and GCE are the future.